About Us

We are Boston Space Alliance, a joint team from the SEDS (Students for the Exploration and Development of Space) of MIT, Tufts University, and Northeastern University. We came together to pool the resources, experiences and talented abilities of passionate students across Boston to develop a CubeSat to advance science in space.

Our Team


Izzie Torres

Project Manager

Manwei Chan


Tim Kuzmenkov

Project Lead – NEU

Joseph Xiong

Project Lead – Tufts





Bjorn Isaacson

Communications Co-Lead

Keaten Clarno

ADCS Engineer

Isaac Collins

Structures Lead

Ben Bodine

C&DH Lead

Emma Wellington

Structures Engineer

Catherine Ding

C&DH Lead

Maxwell Kaye

C&DH Engineer

Rebecca Shen

Communications Co-Lead

Alejandro Colina-Valeri

C&DH Engineer

Helena Buschermöhle

Structures Engineer

Asher Solnit

Thermal Lead

Jeffrey Bryan

Business Lead

Jose Lavariega

Navigation Lead

Jacob Rodriguez


Garret Sampel

Structures Engineer

Emma Tauckus

ADCS Engineer

Rachel Chae

Communications Engineer