The ADCS and Orbit Raising with Electrospray Ionization (ADORE) Satellite is a 1U CubeSat being developed jointly by Boston Space Alliance, a group of SEDS students from MIT, Tufts and Northeastern. This is the first nano-satellite being developed jointly by students across multiple universities. We are seeking to incorporate new Electrospray Thrusters from the MIT Space Propulsion Laboratory and demonstrate their technological readiness for spaceflight. 

What we are doing

We are currently developing the 1U AdoreSat with goals of winning the SEDS-2 CubeSat competition for a free launch. With launch costs amortized, we are able to allocate more expenses toward other subsystems, specifically propulsion. We seek to test the effectiveness of using electrospray thrusters for nano-satellites.

Who we are

We are undergraduate and graduate students from the SEDS Chapter at MIT, Tufts and Northeastern University. Our team background is incredibly diverse and welcomes members from all background and experiences, all united with a common interest in space!

What you can do!

Satellite development is extremely costly, no matter the size. We are actively fundraising and your donations can make the difference between stalled development and a successful CubeSat project. Integration and testing adds significantly to the development costs, on top of component costs. Thus, any additional funding will be of great help to us.

Help us advance science in Space